Nucleus failing to access a hard drive file on a windows pc

Installing nucleus and iPad ap is jhaving trouble updating and not connecting? It’s an iPad Pro.

Why is it doing this?

Via my iPad running the Roon app, I wish to restore a backup to setup Nucleus and need to access ext. hard drive connected to desktop.

The Nucleus manual is not helpful.

Can’t you do that from your desktop computer? I think you need to plug that external HD into your Nucleus USB port.

The roon manual about setting up nucleus is not helpful.

I need to transfer backup from Windows PC external drive to a new nucleus?
How difficult to do? Can I do this through the networked Ethernet cable?

Has anybody done this?

How do I get nucleus to browse the external drive so I can select the backup file??

The NAS guidance in manual is horrifying to follow.

Also, it might be easier if you disconnected the external drive from the Windows machine and attached it directly to the Nucleus.

That way, you don’t have to set up a network share on the Windows computer.

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*the guidance offered to achieve this is horrifying. Seems guidance should be better.

I guess attaching my external drive or thumbnail would be better. But why is nas conversion such a problem to figure out. Horrifying*

Precisely what is the problem? Does your roon core run on the nas? In that case:
1 back up the roon database on the nas and restore it on the nucleus.
2a. If you plan to keep your music on the nucleus, you can copy it across the network to the share provided on the nucleus. Then configure roon to find the music on the local volume.
2b. If you plan to index the music files on your nas over the networl, set up smb shares on the nas and point roon on the nucleus to that share. Presto.

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I have roon core on win desktop.
And just got a nucleus which I want as a core.

2a is a lot easier said then done. I wish I lived in your world.

It is not that easy to migrate data from a desktop.

Why is your post headed migration from NAS if you are using windows?


If you want assistance, you’ll need to tell us exactly where you are getting stuck.

As you seem to be having problems, I’ve moved your thread over to #support.
It will be helpful if you could provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Hello @richard_a, I’ve merged your threads. It’s easier if we focus on your problems in one place.

I think it has been said a few times, unplug the external drive from your desktop computer and plug it into your Nucleus and do a Roon restore. That is, assuming you did a Roon backup from your desktop to the external drive.

Hi @richard_a,

Our Nucleus Migration Guide provides steps for this, I have copied them below:

Step 2: Restore Your Database

Now that your Roon database is fully backed up, it’s time to copy it to Nucleus.

To Restore Your Roon Database To Nucleus:

  • Ensure the backup you created above is accessible to Nucleus
    • If you backed up to a USB drive, connect it to Nucleus (recommended)
    • If you backed up to network storage, ensure you know the address, log in, and password for your NAS or network storage device
  • Connect to Nucleus by launching Roon on any Mac, Windows PC, iPad, or Android tablet and selecting Nucleus from the “Choose Your Core” screen ( note: we don’t recommend using an iPhone or Android phone for this process )
  • Since this is your first time launching Nucleus, you will be asked to log-in when you connect. Instead of logging in, click “Restore A Backup” in the lower-left hand corner

The easiest way to restore the backup would be by using a USB flash drive, otherwise you will have to share the backup folder over the network and this can be a bit trickier to do:

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Nucleus is now working but can’t get nucleus, after doing restore via Usb drive, to search/locate files on an external drive. Seems I am missing something that is not covered by manual. Guess I am first on this fairly large planet to have this problem, or really stupid or both.

Were you using that same drive previously attached to your desktop computer with your music files? If so, it might be as simple as plugging it into a USB port on the Nucleus, then going into Settings - Storage and making that a “Watched” drive in Roon.

Slim, I think we might be talking about two different drives here. I think the OP’s first problem was restoring a previous backup from when he had Roon on his desktop computer. Now, I think he’s talking about trying to access his music files which I assume are on a different external drive, but maybe not.

Trying to access file location on an internal drive on a win pc.

Is there any detailed guidance on this?

Tried inputting shared file location and did not work.

The following should work:

  1. Verify the folder you want to share on the PC AS a share. Make sure you allow Everyone access.
  2. When adding the network location use; \\[Hostname or IP of PC]\[ShareName]
  3. When adding the share enter your username and password for the PC.

Also, under the Roon FAQ see: