Nucleus Fails to Backup

I used the Quick Start guide to get my new Nucleus going. Except for some cataloging mistakes, it seems to work and sounds much better than the Mac Mini I had been using as a server.

But, I have been unable to successfully back Roon up. I have provided two possible locations on HD, but get the message: “Backup Failed at…/Backup Directory not available”

What do I do?

Which hard disk are you trying to back up to?
Screenshots help enormously.

The HDs are plugged into Nucleus USB connectors

How are these HDs formatted? It looks as though they might just have been moved across from your Mac Mini?

If they are HFS/HFS+ format, that might cause problems.

Hello @LEROY_SCHWARZ, thanks for the info.

  1. Could you give me the Model and manufacturer of those drives?
  2. How those drives are formated?

Please pardon the delay. Some days are complicated.

I have 3 hard disks attached to Nucleus. I simply ejected them from my Mac Mini and plugged them into Nucleus. All three are Western Digital 2TB and formatted Mac OS Extended.

One, called “MUSIC” contains my entire music collection and Roon backup. One of the others contains the Mac Time Machine; the other, miscellaneous files that can be discarded.

What format does Nucleus want and how do I get the contents of MUSIC onto a hard disk with that format?

My ultimate goal is to get the contents of MUSIC onto a SSD in Nucleus and repurpose one of my 3 HDs to be Roon backup and backup

Please advise


This article contains “The internal storage must be initialized/formatted using the Nucleus web administration interface before it can be used.”

Be careful, though, as reformatting a drive will remove the contents of said drive!