Nucleus fails to reconnect after update and reports "You’re already signed in"

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Brand new Nucleus for Xmas. Set up fine, used without issue for 2 days. Decided to install the update I was being prompted to install, and have not been able to connect since. When I try to sign into account, I get “You’re already signed in”, and “to connect to the Core you previously set up, just click go back above”. But when I do that, I’m prompted to log in again and so it goes in circles.


It sounds like the Nucleus is working, but Roon’s licencing server thinks you are now running the Roon Core on a “new” machine (and the “old” one has the licence still associated with it).

When prompted, just click on the unauthorise icon (it’s quite safe to do this) and you should be fine on this “new” machine.

It works again! Thank you so much Carl.

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