Nucleus fails to see endpoint after moving to 1.8

Nucleus version 1.8 build 754 stable

Nucleus connected to network over Ethernet

Nucleus connected directly to endpoint McIntosh MA8900 via USB . Other endpoints (Bluesound Node hardwired to network; iPad via wireless)

Problem: In version 1.7 I never had any problem remaining connected to the MA8900. When I opened up Roon it would immediately.see the MA8900 endpoint. Under 1.8, when I turn on the MA8900 and open Roon, the MA8900 is not visible and I have to power the Nucleus off and on to see the endpoint. This is the case even though the MA8900 is hardwired to the Nucleus in USB.

The difference between endpoints seems to be that the MA8900 is powered down every night while other endpoints are not.

How do i ensure that the Nucleus sees the MA8900 ?

Hello @Alan_Pearson ,

Thanks for reaching out. This sounds like an issue we resolved in a recent Roon update, can you please try to update to the latest version and if you are still seeing this issue after, please let us know, thanks!

Hi there -

This issue seems to have resolved by the various updates.

I haven’t had any problem for a while.

Thanks for checking.

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