Nucleus -- funny problem that wasn't with Nucleus

I am copying my library from my LaCie Starck drive to the internal drive of the Nucleus.
It failed after a long time, with an “unexpected IO error.”
Suspecting the new guy, of course, I inspected the Nucleus and found that it showed the InternalStorage, which should be 2 TB, as containing 256 GB. Aha – 256 GB, there must be some limit in the software. Couldn’t be, but still, 256!

Turns out, after some troubleshooting, that the Starck has this charming habit of failing after a lot of work. Restart the Starck and all was ok.
The 256 was just a coincidence.
Coincidences in computer technology are confusing.

The Starck failure is not a good thing. Has happened before. The Starck looks good, like the Nucleus, but storage must be reliable.

Personally, I am somewhat suspicious of anything that Philippe Starck has had a hand in designing. The juicer, for example - looks amazing, but doesn’t work properly…

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The next reliable LaCie drive will be the first.