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Nucleus has been mostly working for 2 years. It is plugged into a PSA P3 power regen. When I last turned off the P3 and restarted it the Nucleus power button blinks white. No ethernet activity.

I’ve unplugged it, plugged it elsewhere, checked the 19.5 VDC. Five other devices on the P3 work, that’s not it.

How can I cold boot this machine? Taking it to a dealer is not an option though I am the original owner.

try connecting an HDMI monitor/tv to see what if anything shows up on powering up…possible its the SSD died

if you are up to taking it apart you should reseat the SSD and the RAM sodimm too.

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No SSD and it won’t power up hence the blinking power light.

there is an SSD… its in the M.2 slot and its your boot drive…if it fails it can kill power or just the boot process.

to cold boot it you just pull the DC cable out and wait a min then then plug it in again and press the power button.

do the monitor connection - trying to help you here.

I’m assuming you also cant get to the web gui interface either.

Is it blinking once every 5 seconds, or in some other pattern? If the former, then see if the suggestions in this article help:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys but it turns out to be simpler if more perplexing: my high dollar HDPLEX linear power supply is the issue. It’s measured output is 19.5 VDC but… I switched back to the $3 wall wart that came with the nucleus and straight away all is well.

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