Nucleus + getting slower and slower

I have a Nucleus + about 2 months old. It’s getting slower and slower with dropouts now and tonight even basically near impossible to even listen to music. I have no issues with Tidal, iTunes or Spotify so I don’t believe it to be any issue with my network. Everything is working fine. It’s only Roon and it’s a problem if playing from my hard drive or Tidal.

Tonight I tried to play a track via Tidal. It took 20 seconds for it to even start then it drops out a number of times and then quits playing altogether. If I play the same track from the Tidal app it works immediately and plays just fine.

I restarted the Nucleus and it seems to be working much better now. It’s not even clear to me how to even restart it. It worked perfect at first and seems like it slowly developing more and more problems. The last few days I have just given up even using it since it’s so slow I’m waiting more than listening to music. I can’t get it to stream to two airplay devices without it stopping on it’s own. I’ve basically given up being able to use it that way I have to go to directly play from iTunes, Tidal or Spotify via Airfoil and that works just great no dropouts so makes me think it’s not an issue with my network or system, it’s either Roon Software or the Nucleus that has the issue.

Hi @ryan_stratton,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Can you verify how many tracks total you have in your library? Where is your local media stored?

Does this behavior occur when playing to all zones? If you play to System Output of a remote device do you experience the same slowness and dropouts?

Ryan, my Nucleus (basic, not a “+”) has gotten sluggish and virtually non-responsive on a couple of occasions. When this happens I just restart the server software and then everything runs normally again. You can restart the server software via the Nucleus administration web page (open a browser with the URL being the IP address of your Nucleus). You don’t need to reboot the Nucleus, just restart the server software.


I have a comcast internet box run in bridge mode to an amplifi mesh network router. I have my main iMac run via ethernet and also the Nucleus + of course. Also an ethernet cable to apple TV in bedroom and one to my DCS Rossini DAC in my main system. There are two other Apple Tvs that are run wireless. I will often want to play to the patio and kitchen at the same time. This is when I experience the stopping of playing by Roon. Looks like I’m not the only one who gets this behavior, I’ve read others saying the same thing happens to them. I don’t have the issue if I run to both kitchen and patio via iTunes or if I use Rogue Amoeba airfoil to send system audio from my iMac to both at the same time.

As for the sluggishness that was slowly getting worse. It’s been better the last couple days since I unplugged and reset the Nucleus. I’m not even sure what the right way to go about restarting the Nucleus is. I unplugged the power cord since I couldn’t even tell if it was on or off. I have a USB drive plugged into the Nucleus + it has 2.5 TB of my own files on it. Around 10K albums.

These instructions show you how to get to the Nucleus Web UI from the Roon App. When you are on the Nucleus Web UI you find the red button to reboot or turn off the Nucleus in a controlled fashion.
Once you know the IP of the Nucleus you can also just type that IP (eg in your browser and you’ll be in the WebUI.

It may not be necessary to reboot the Nucleus itself to cure sluggishness. I’ve found that simply restarting the server software via the admin page does the trick for me.

Hi @ryan_stratton,

Thanks for the details here. I’m glad that things seem to be better here after a reboot. As suggested above, you can reboot the Nucleus or restart RoonServer from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

If you see this behavior return definitely let us know and we can take a closer look!