Nucleus+ Going down every night

Since the recent update my Nucleus+ has required a hard reboot from the back of the unit each morning. This was happening a couple of months ago but it stopped and I had gone 27 days without requiring a reboot up until the new update. Each morning the UI only displays operating system info and the Roon Software panel says “Not Ready”. .Anyone else experiencing this? Also cannot get a backup to run successfully. Each attempt is causing Nucleus+ to crash and require a hard reboot.

Sorry for the trouble here, @Wayne_Carter!

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link? We’ll take a look at the logs so we can get a better idea of what’s happening here.


Hi @dylan ,
The Nucleus+ req’d a cold reboot again this morning but I was able to run a successful backup this afternoon which is a relief.
Here is the “logs” link for a look.

Thanks for sending those along, @Wayne_Carter! I’ll take a look with the team and get back to you with their feedback as soon as I can.