Nucleus hard drive failure

My nucleus hard drive has failed just like many others have mentioned. It happened 5 weeks after purchase. I’ve been trying to reach support but can’t get a response. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to actually get customer service from Roon? I’m not a community boards kind of person and when I have to go build a ROCK because support won’t respond to my warranty requests for my Nucleus, I don’t understand why Roon thinks it can ethically peddle a product it can’t stand behind.

It’s curious to me that Roon has the time to update their homepage with various deals on the Nucleus such as the current one where you get a free iFi Zen Stream with a Nucleus purchase, but can’t find time to respond to those who have already bought a Nucleus.

What should I do? I know I need a new SSD. Can I buy one and flash RoonOS myself since support won’t reply?

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You can email them or tag them with @support, as I have just done for you.

Yes, that should be possible. I would buy an M.2 with some sort of heat mitigation built in.

Hi @Tyler_Haynes ,

Welcome to the Community! It looks like this is your first post here, so I hope you enjoy your stay. I am not sure where you reached out previously, but if it was over email, please do note that we are shifting focus more to forum-based support.

We definitely stand behind our Nucleus products and the warranty that come with them. I would be happy to get an RMA started for you, but can you please provide some more details as to the symptoms you are experiencing that show the SSD failing? Let us know, thanks!

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