Nucleus HDMI audio issues with Integra AVR

Product: Nucleus
Connected to Integra AVR (essentially an Onkyo) via an audioquest HDMI cable.

The unit works well initially, but eventually will not output HDMI audio.
The AVR says analog on the screen, instead of the usual HDMI.

I used to have an intel NUC rock unit that did the same.
When I connected the Nucleus, I re-purposed the NUC as a kodi box (Libreelec).
It initially had the same problem, and I believe an underlying linux update fixed it (to latest nightly builds).

Are there any work arounds available? At the moment, I need to reset the Nucleus to get sound back.
I may try a HDMI EDID modifier to see if that works.



Do you know what the Kodi or libreelec guys did?

FYI EDID unit has fixed this for now, presumably because it holds the HDMI connection to the Nucleus unit. (rather than disconnections that occur when AVR turn off and on).

I’ll look back at my notes, but I think there was a patch released by Intel for their HDMI chipsets in the NUCs, which was integrated to various Linux builds.