Nucleus helpful links

As users are starting to get some Nucleus units, I just wanted to drop some links here:

The Quick Start guide included in the box:


The owner’s guide’s_Guide

How to migrate from one Roon install to another

If you would like a Nucleus/Nucleus+ directly from Roon Labs before we have our own site up, shoot me a PM.


Danny, will the Nucleus take ALL 2.5 inch drives? My new NUC wouldn’t take the newer, thicker SSDs. If that’s the same with Nucleus, you might want to add a thickness limitation to your instructions. For that matter, that same warning is worth adding to the Rock specs.

Unfortunately, right now, the Nucleus/Nucleus+ (rev A) is limited to the shorter drives as well… we are looking to make a revision to support 15mm drives.

Will the Samsung 860 EVO 2TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E2T0B/AM) fit? If not, any recommendations?

I suggest you add a note about that to your User Guide and Rock User Guide to beware of 15mm drives at present. I didn’t know that (although it was buried in the Intel specs) and bought a fat SSD that didn’t fit.

@Will_Davisson – it will. it is 7mm.

Hello Danny, new to the forum. Love Roon and have a lifetime membership. I am not a heavy user compared to many in the multiple threads and have a setup involving a Yamaha Aventage 5100 processor and 7 separate amps for theatre setup and would love to get a Nucleus to replace my Mac setup. Hope you can help with few rookie questions:

  1. When is Roon going to have their own direct web site to order Nucleus up and running? Can I still order through you by IM if I want one?
  2. Is there a v2.0 coming soon? This is an investment I want to enjoy a long time and do not want to feel outdated right away as the i3 chip is already a little slow.
  3. Is the HDMI output only for sound or you kept some graphics interface active? I would love to be able to display your song graphics on my yet inches Tv!
    Look forward to your insight and thank you for all your good work, I use Roon every day and could not do without.

Soon! In the meanwhile, you can PM me to order directly (but right now we can only ship direclty

no – we just started production a few months ago. no plans to update the designs any time soon. As for the i3, it is by no means slow. I just saw someone post about doing 10 zones of audio at 192khz w/ DSP on their Nucleus.

It’s sound only for now, but we are looking into how to light up the video part of this at some later point. This will be a free firmware update when it comes.