Nucleus in Germany

Hello, can someone tell me where the Roon Nucleus can be bought in Germany?

Thank you

Armin may be able to help you…

Markus Flöter is Roon Nucleus Dealer

Roon Server - 2.599,00 EUR?
WTF! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

it should be $2499 for the Nucleus+, but I guess they can charge more…

Hello and thanks for the many answers.
I wonder now, must the nucleus be + or only the nucleus? if I want to upsample later, must it be the Nucleus +? Room correction I do not need.

Greetings from Berlin

if you are doing PCM only, and have under 10-12k albums, you will be fine with N

N+ is needed for a larger library and for DSP on high-rate DSD streams

Sorry for the outburst, missed it was +.
Although, it’s still 3198.36 USD.

Good moring, Audio Trade Gmbh in Germany is appointed to distribute since two days. Please allow few days to get the things straighten up. Until then you can send your questions to
The goods are on their way to Germany.
Best regards

Have you considered the 19% VAT here in Germany and the customs fees for import into the EU? These things increase the price of every US article.

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