Nucleus initializing error

I’m afraid Nucleus still showing inializing on my iPad even after a reboot and reinstall of app

Hi @Jeremy_Sherman,

Did you also reboot the Nucleus from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Yes I did and it shows it’s been running for the past 6 minutes or so

Thanks, @Jeremy_Sherman.

Are other remotes showing this same error?

Can you give some details on your network setup?

I only have the iPad remote .

The Nucleus , NAS and Uniti Star are all wired to a SKY Hub and everything was working beautifully !

Thanks for the update, @Jeremy_Sherman.

Can you share a screenshot of the error you’re seeing and a screenshot of the Web UI as well?

Sorry not sure what you mean by Web UI .
Curiously my wireless Mac on which Roon is also installed ,but not used as the core , is now showing up on my iPhone as initializing

Hi @Jeremy_Sherman,

Thanks for the details here. Apologies — by Web UI I meant the Nucleus Web Administration Interface.

Would you kindly also use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link?


Thanks Dylan …here’s the Web Interface page …I’ll do the
Dropbox stuff now


I can’t find smb://Nucleus/Data on my Mac …sorry to
be a nuisance …get to my age and this is all a mystery !

No worries, @Jeremy_Sherman — I’m going to enable diagnostics on our end and see if we can track down the issue that way. I’ll be sure to reach out as soon as the team has reviewed the diagnostics report.

Thanks Dylan …have to say I really like what Roon brings to digital music collections and systems



Hi @Jeremy_Sherman,

From the Web UI, can you try selecting the Reinstall button under Operating System? This doesn’t affect the database, but it should reset the OS and we believe that will help here. Please let us know!

No difference I’m afraid …still stuck on initialising .

My Mac has now appeared on the app as an alternative core and ready to connect but the Nucleus remains stuck

Hi @Jeremy_Sherman,

We released a new update today with some changes that should help here. Can you try rebooting the Nucleus via the Nucleus Web Administration Interface and let us know if it helps?

Full release notes:

Hi Dylan …in a fit of pique yesterday I reset the database and it started working …just means I had to redo all the edits I’d made …still I have a lot of time in the current circumstances ! Just updated to build 537 and went through fine , all up and running . Thanks for your help

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