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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Serial #94C691A29228
I want to import my iTunes file from ext. Harddisc to internal ssd drive in my nucleus. What is the fastest way to do so? I am doing it with my mac network. To transfer 700GB Music it takes 7 Days! Is there a direct way?
Thanks for the Response.
trgds Gery

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:thinking: Hmm?

tranfer duration for 700 GB
56 k Modem ~ 3.4 years
IrDA 1.0 ~1.9 years
4 Mbps Token Ring ~ 17.4 days
10 Mbps LAN ~ 7.9 days
USB 1.1 ~ 6.0 days
20 Mbps internet ~ 3.5 days
100 Mbps LAN ~ 19.0 hours
USB 2.0 ~ 8.5 hours
1000 Mbps LAN ~ 1.9 hours

Depends on what’s limiting your transfer speeds. Is your ‘ext. Harddisc’ only USB 1.1?

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Hello @Gery_Augstburger,

What is the model/manufacturer of the external drive? Which version of OSX are you using to perform the file transfer? Is the hard drive being connected to the Mac for the transfer or are you connecting it directly to the Nucleus and only using the Mac to transfer it between the drive -> internal storage?


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Hi. i transfer from the mac to the internal storage. usb3 and network wifi. how can i connect the nucleus to the mac? rgds
latest osx version. samsung ssd.
Hard drive connectet to the mac.


Before you start, make sure you initialized/formatted the internal drive of your Nucleus following this guide. You should also follow this advice:

For performance reasons, if you are adding a large amount of music (1000’s of tracks), quit Roon (or stop RoonServer on Nucleus). The best experience will come from letting Roon look at the folders when the files have settled.

You should connect the external USB 3 drive to your Mac to avoid sending the data twice over the network. This should speed up the process but it might be that there’s still a gap to what one would expect from common networks nowadays.

To further improve the transfer speed you should try to avoid the wireless network. Use a wired network connection for your Nucleus and the Mac to your router/switch – at least for the duration of the file transfer. If this is not possible, try to place the device(s) Mac, Nucleus or both that use(s) WiFi in the direct vicinity of your router/access point.

I hope that helps to speed-up things for you.

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Thanks Blackjack
youre advice did help. it still is slow, but i see a light in the tunnel now
Rgds Gery