Nucleus internal hard drive gone awol

Hi, hoping someone maybe able to help as I fear the internal hard drive of my 3 month old nucleus is now toast. Thought it strange as have been playing music all day and it skipped any tracks that I had ripped to the internal storage. The storage settings of roon remote are no longer showing the internal drive as a device, all music that was in the library has gone and I can no longer see the internal drive via the web interface or as a network location via my PC. Have tried restarting etc. but nothing happening. Anything else I should be trying or is it back to base?

Many thanks


Hi Clive,

Sorry to hear about your issue. Have you checked to be certain that the drive is securely connected within the Nucleus? Could be it came loose.

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Thanks John, I will take the lid off tomorrow to see if everything is in its right place…

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…just taken the lid off - all looked ok but disconnected and reconnected the drive…bingo all back up and running again now - happy days!


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