Nucleus Internal SSD Completed - Existing Playlists Only Tidal Available

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Roon Nucleus

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Network Windows 10 Ethernet

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Description Of Issue

Installed a 2TB SSD into my Nucleus. Process went smooth enough and can see the internal storage on the Nucleus on the network. I can see all my artists/albums/tracks on the Ipad.

I restored the latest backup & all my playlists & tags are there however when I go into the playlist only the Tidal songs are available. The local copy songs (SSD) are unavailable. See screenshot.

With the tags I can see them but only the Tidal albums are there ie. Blue Notebooks. See screenshot.

Did you copy all the local tracks and albums to the internal storage? And then rescan the local storage to get them referenced correctly! Maybe a clean up library is in order too.

For sure. Still the same. I can reselect the tracks again on the SSD and add them to the playlist but have large numbers of playlists.

I have clicked something and it is all back :grinning: Thanks

Hi @Gary_Patrick,

It sounds like the Nucleus was still importing the albums when you reported this issue, but happy to hear you managed to resolve it. If you run into any other difficulties with Roon, please don’t hesitate to reach out once more!

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