Nucleus + internal SSD File System Layout

I have had my Nucleus + for a while and the hardware is fine. When I installed a recommended 4TB internal SSD (Samsung 860) I thought that there was a recommendation about file system layout. Specifically when ripping CDs, you should create a sub-directory in the internal storage directory, CD-Rips. This has worked fine. I was thinking of reordering my file structure based of an idv3 tag or two. For example, period which is not something I have found that you can select on in any of the provided Roon views. I then checked to see if I could focus on a sub directory through the UI and I don’t seem to be able to focus below the “InternalStorage” level. If this is correct, there is little value in doing the reorganization. Is it correct that the Roon Software will not let me select one or more “InternalStorage” sub-directories to focus on (and create a bookmark)?

No, you can’t go deeper than the “internal storage” I have been requesting this many times in the folder browsing discussions.
What you can do however is set up several watched folders. I have all my music stored in a music directory which has three main music sub-directories that I have setup as seperate watched folders. They can easily be switched on and off and the focus filter can filter them as ‘storage location’
I’m running a ROCK server at the moment wich is in principle the same as a nuclues in that it is running Roon OS and Roon server. I have set up the storage not as ‘internal storage’ but as network share. Via samba share you can go deeper then just the main directory. I too find it very stange that you can’t specify any subfolders within the ‘internal storage’ option.

I appreciate the idea. I am not sure I will go down this road though - I was thinking of it as as kludge anyway :-). If I could think of any streamer that had great sound, meta-data editing, and search functions, I would buy it in a minute. I am not away of any, so I will continue with Roon.

Do you mean ‘streamer’ as in hardware, or music-playing software?
If you mean the latter, check out JRiver. It has all of those things. Actually quite powerful in those regards. If you like spreadsheets, you’ll love JRiver. It is also very stable (as in, it hardly ever changes).
I use it all the time for music management, but never for listening to music.

Hi, I meant dedicated hardware vs. software. I believe there are several factors that improve sound quality in this configuration. I do have Jriver Media Center. The performance of the UI on even a very new iMac Pro is unusable with fewer than 1,000 albums. I use Media center occasionally when I am trying to find something. Its search/sort facilities are far better than Roon.