Nucleus internal SSD space used

How do i tell how much space I’ve used on my Nucleus internal SSD (4TB)

You can see the storage allocations on the Web UI. I’ve pasted mine here as an example.


AAAHHH! Found my way!
Took me some while to find my Web UI but I got there.
Thanks Mike

Does the Nucleus come with instructions?

it has a quickstart guide which includes a link to the manual:

I have a new Nucleus Plus with 1tb hard drive; I was hoping to use the drive for database backup but that does not seem to be an option
exactly how do I utilize the internal hard drive?

The internal 1TB hard Drive is intended for storage of music files - it should not be used for holding Roon’s Backup files as well.

Using the Nucleus Web Administration Interface to format the internal drive makes the entire drive into a “Watched Folder” for storage of music files and folders.

Please note the section highlighted in red in the article on Roon’s Backup function:

We strongly recommend that you do not set the location of Database Backups to be within any Watched Folders because Roon will try to scan that directory and scan the Database Backup itself. This can cause issues, so please keep the locations separate.

The simplest solution is to add a small external USB drive (preferably not a USB stick) to the Nucleus and use this to hold your backups. Alternatively, set up a network location for your Backups.

If, however, you do not have any local music files (you only use streaming services with Roon), then there is a way to use the internal storage drive as a Backup location.

This workaround assumes that you know your way around computers and networking - it is bypassing the “music appliance” design of the Nucleus…

You must first disable the Internal Storage Watched Folder - go to Settings > Storage, and use the “3 dots” menu by the Internal Storage entry to disable the Watched Folder.

Then you can access the Internal Storage drive by adding it as a Network location, and create a Backup folder on the drive for your Backups.

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We’ve been here before, @Geoff_Coupe and I.
You can (if you really want to) use the internal drive as database Backup and music storage.
Here’s how to do it, safely -

Keep in mind though that you generally don’t want to keep a backup on the device you’re backing up. One of the main points of a backup - albeit not the only one - is to recover from a hardware failure. Imagine storing the backup on the drive that failed you…

Not the case here. The Roon database, which lives on the M.2 is being backed up to the 2nd SSD drive. So, everything’s good unless the Nucleus blows up and takes the drives with it.

Since I’ve run into various problems with Roon Backup, I back up to multiple locations on different schedules and with different retention periods.