Nucleus Internal Storage Questions

Thanks to all the knowledge people share on this forum. I have a couple questions about drives (internal storage) added to a Nucleus.

  1. When pointing to the drive as storage is there a method or something I can do to make myself the owner not a guest?

  2. When and if the drive fails or is replaced by another drive (perhaps for a capacity improvement) since the new drive has to be formatted by Roon. How would one go about getting the music files stored on the original drive to the new drive?

If the drive is still good, then put the old drive in this case, connect to another computer and transfer via network. -

If the drive is bad, then restore music files from backups using network

It’s formatted ext4, which means you need to use a linux box or some extra software to mount it in Mac or Windows. BUT, you should have a backup plan in place, as Roon does not backup music, just the database. Then you would restore the new drive from your backup.

Thanks, I believe it’s important to backup your music files, and recently I thought my SSD was going so I began pondering the restoration process. I am kind of on the fence if I should grow my current 2TB drive to 4TB now. What ever route I take I think having a plan and method to execute it is important.

I am not a happy guy when my music is not available. Does anyone have an answer to the Guest quandary?

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