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I recently hooked up a 4TB external USB drive to the Nucleus (in the vain hope of getting my Synology NAS to hibernate; my music was originally stored there),. All is working just fine. Then I wondered how to add or delete files from it, but I couldn’t find the Nucleus anywhere on my Windows network. I can ping it and I even managed to create a mapped N: drive to the USB drive connected to it, so now I can acces it.
But I still wonder why the Nucleus doesn’t show up spontaneously. Total Commander sees every friggin’ device that has an ethernet cable connected to it, but not the Nucleus. Same for windows explorer.
Weird thing is: earlier today it was there, although it only showed the ‘data’ folder, not the external USB drive. I rebooted it and then it was gone altogether. I reset the windows network settings, but that didn’t help. Does anyone have an idea? Mind you, I wouldn;t be surprised if tomorrow everything was back to normal. You never know with a windows network…

It will only ever see the data folder as that’s the level that’s shared over SMB automatically. I don’t think it advertises itself like a NAS device so you have to manually connect to it. That’s why windows and total commander won’t see it. Likely for very good reasons.

I have my Rocks storage set up using the new network drive option in Windows 11 so it’s permanently accessible. Not a Nucleus but works exactly the same way.

That sounds plausible. So I seem to have chosen the right approach intuitively.
Thanks for clearing this up!

Any attached USB drives would be found under the Storage section in that Data folder.

Okay, will look into that tomorrow. Still, the Nucleus must be visible first

Hey @Leo_Reijnen,

Following up on this thread, I was able to pull up your account and see that your Nucleus was online recently. Are you still running into connectivity issues with the device?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hello Ben,
No connectivity issues. Just that the Nucleus doesn’t announce its presence on my windows network. I solved it by mapping the music folder on the attached usb storage to a network drive, so that I can access it to add or delete albums over the home network.
Topic can be closed as far as I’m concerned.

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If you’re saying that your Nucleus doesn’t show up in Windows File Explorer, then this is a known quirk of WFE. You need to type in \\Nucleus in the address field to kick WFE into displaying it.

Well, it doesn’t show up in Toral Commander either. Maybe because it runs under windows?

Yes, because they are both fed with information from the network discovery system of Windows, and if this hasn’t discovered a device in the home network it won’t show up.

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