Nucleus IP Address Changed and Account No Longer Valid

I just installed a 4 TB SSD drive from Samsung. It formatted just fine.

When I went to open Roon, it told me that the IP address had changed. Worse, it told me that my account was no longer valid. So I paid for a 1-year subscription again. But I cannot open it on an android or iOS device. So I have no music at all for the New Year!

Help would be greatly appreciated. Once it is back in operation, I will need to sort through my 11 TB of music to put about 3 TB on the SSD. That is way more than enough!

Rich Barra

Hi Ralph,

I moved your post to a new thread.

I’ll tag @support for you, but I’m not sure when they will be able to help,

What does your iPad say when you try and connect? Can you post a screenshot?

Where is your music located, since you just formatted the internal drive?

@kevin can help with the account issue in the new year.

Cheers, Greg

Hi, how long since you used Roon? Are you on the latest versions of all software?

Hey Ralph,

Sorry for the trouble here. Hopefully your New Years festivities when off without a hitch otherwise :champagne:

Henry’s questions here are good ones:

I’d also like to know where exactly you saw this message:

And as mentioned, I’m sure @kevin can resolve any of the subscription/account issues you mentioned.

Just let us know the answers above and we’ll make sure we get this working for you. Thanks!