Nucleus + is dead

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +, 2 TB internal storage, 32MB RAM.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NAS storage.

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh amps, pre, CD, MT5.

Number of Tracks in Library

Local and Tidal.

Description of Issue

Yesterday attempting to use Roon I got the “Lost Connection” screen. After a few hours same thing. Tested connections on the Nucleus, Network cable and service worked with another network device at Nucleus end, tested 19 volt power supply with meter at plug end, 19 volts.

Unplugged Nucleus + overnight and started again following initial start directions. As per instructions connected network cable, applied power, pushed start button, no network lights on rear panel, no small white light on power button. Tried several times, Nucleus stays cold to touch, never warms up. I’d say Dead.

Purchased in February of this year, everything has been running fine until yesterday.
Please tell me next steps on this.

Sorry to hear this.
Let’s see what @support has to say here

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Hello @Thomas_Peterson ,

Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear about the Nucleus issues, we can certainly assist. It does sound like your Nucleus has a hardware issue and needs to be sent in for RMA. I will follow up with you via private message (green notification) to gather purchase details, thanks!

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