Nucleus issues - Fiio disappearing

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus, hard wired to internet.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet and wifi
My wifi is strong and fast.

Connected Audio Devices

Apple devices/Apple TV / iMac

Number of Tracks in Library

60,000 tracks

Description of Issue

What is going on with Roon? I’ve never had this many issues in all the years I’ve been paying for it!

Seems since last two updates every time I want to play some music I have to jump thru hoops. Either it can’t find my FIIO, or I get a lost connection, or it finds it but I hit play and it shows the track playing next to song title but nothing moving on the play display and no sound.

Sometimes restarting my computer works. Sometimes restarting Nucleus works. Right now nothing is working.

Search is terrible and if there are a lot of albums under an artist Roon crashes whilst looking for an album. Same with my iPhone.

I’ve been dealing with this since the last two updates and it’s wearing thin. I just want to play some music. I love Roon but if this keeps up I’m gonna have to find something else. BTW most of my music are FLAC files on my Nucleus though I do stream Tidal.

Thanks for reading.


Hey @James_Cortez,

We’re grateful that you’re giving us an opportunity to help :relieved: . I should mention how sorry we are about the issue you’re running into. Could you please expand a little on your Networking gear? What routers and any extenders, switches you might be using. How are your audio devices connected to your Roon Core, the Nucleus?

And, as far as the issues go, so far we know of:

  • unstable connection to your FIIO
  • no sound when trying to play music to the FIIO
  • Roon crashes (is this on iPhone, or other remotes to)?

Thanks :pray:

Thank you for the nice reply Beka. I will get back to you in a bit with info requested. I have to look…

Ok I have a Spectrum Modem and pay 90 bucks a month for their highest speed tier.
An Eero modem
A Luxul switch box.

The Nucleus is in my home office and connects to the Luxul.

I control Roon via my iMac Pro desktop. The Fiio is connected to that via USB and the alts from the Fiio go to my KEF speakers, which are ethernet wired.

In my living room I use my iphone to control Roon and use wifi via a Cambridge Audio streamer wired to my Kef speakers out there.

I’ve been paying for Roon annually for the last 3/4 years and have never had these issues. These issues started after the last two Roon updates it seems.
Roon loses connection to Fiio. Will say ''connect to audio source" yet Fiio not listed. Have to restart Roon several times then it will connect to Fiio.
Or it will connect but not play music
Or will play music but no sound

Also get ''error loading saved page" a lot.

If I search say The Rolling Stones, whom i have hundreds of albums by, as I scroll all the albums Roon crashes.

Back in my living room via iPhone, all this happens as well.
Is it a Nucleus issue? I have an installed SSD in my Nucleus
I have 3796 albums and 60666 tracks mostly all Flac and DSF
Thanks for any help/advice I love Roon and don’t want to give up but often I have a short window to play some music and don’t have time to fuss just to play a song or two.

How much memory (RAM) is installed in the Nucleus? If only 4 GB, it might be time to upgrade.

Corsair Memory Kit 16GB (2x8GB)…

I’m not even sure, what does the Nucleus come installed with? Don’t think I knew we could upgrade it. I will check it out thank you

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Nucleus comes with 4GB Ram, Plus comes with 8GB but if you run a large libarary (mine is 300K tracks on a Nucleus but I added 8GB so now it has 12GB and I put in a 1TB SSD for music too. Mine is a RevA model (i3)

Ok thanks yeah I looked it up. seems the concensus in threads is that adding ram will only help crashes and for extra large libraries. I have 60K songs. Seems like that is not considered large? IDK??

Under 100k should be ok with 4gb

Hey @James_Cortez ,

I ran some diagnostics on the unit and I’m not seeing any hardware issues, which based on the randomness of the symptoms would have been my first suspicion.

There appear to be some network-related errors and issues with resolving addresses to our servers, so I suggest we investigate this way.

First, let’s try to do an OS reinstall on the Nucleus via the Web UI:

If that doesn’t help, then our next step is make a Backup of the current database then try to do a factory reset on the Nucleus (and use a fresh database without restoring as a test):

If you still run into the same issues, then the issue is likely on the network side, I’d advise changing DNS servers to Cloudflare/Google, checking router firmware, and bypassing the Luxel switch.

I’m not seeing any recent crashes on the Nucleus side, but if the issue continues after a fresh database, that would be very interesting. You may also want to reinstall the Roon app on these iOS devices.

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Hi Noris. Thank you very much for this response and help. What is very strange is like the day or two after I wrote this I haven’t been having issues. I did the updates yesterday as well.
Weird also you see no crashes as it has definitely crashed on search. I too thought this seemed like a hardware/nucleus problem but I guess not after reading this.
I will see how this works out.
Thanks again !


Hi Norris…it’s happening again. But it seems to be only with an artist with lots of albums. For me it’s The Rolling Stones. I have over 500 albums/boots/singles etc. When I scroll either on my mac or iphone Roon loses connection/crashes. I just did the OS reinstall and same thing. Guess I will try the database after that I’m not sure how to do the network stuff you suggest. How do I change to ''Cloudflare/Google" ??
thanks for all the help!

Hey @James_Cortez,

Thanks so much for wanting to do everything possible on your end to get things to work — changing the DNS on your router is a great step.

I’ve hyperlinked both Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 and Google DNS instructions. Please, let us know how it goes :nerd_face:

Ok thank you will try

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I did a backup, then hit database reset on web ui. It flashed an error, but now on web ui under db reset in red letters says ''not ready" On the roon app on my Mac it says ''Remote Connection" ''Waiting for Roon Core" so I’m not sure what to do now? Hit reset again? Let it keep trying to connect? Perhaps it is resetting ? How long should I wait? Thanks

Well I did the factory reset and it gave me a new core (?) database? in other words got Roon to connect and it reloaded all my albums, I think, but all my metadata is gone. Everything just says ''added today" etc

I have backups should I just restore from a back up or will that bring old problems back?

Hope someone can answer soon ! Thanks!

Hey @James_Cortez,

Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop :pray:

A database reset is a destructive action, doing exactly what you’ve experienced: clearing all data you’ve amassed during your Roon usage.

The only way to get back that information is a successful restore. I’d encourage you to give a restore a try (starting fresh is always possible).

Can you give me the EXACT steps to do a restore? I did a backup this morning how do I point to that? Thanks so much

Sorry about that :see_no_evil: .

You sounded like a connoisseur who’s gone through this process before. Apologies!

We have instructions here:

haha I am and I have but last time it got all messed up but that was a couple years ago! Will try it now I hope it works thank you @beka

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