Nucleus jumbling CDs together

Roon Core Machine

iPad 15.6.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On Verizon Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Samsung T5 SSD stores the music, plugged into Roon with USB. Roon plugged into McIntosh C2700 preamp with USB.

Number of Tracks in Library

11,691 tracks

Description of Issue

About a week ago I tried to load the recently released Revolver Super Deluxe edition (5 CDs) on the Roon. I followed my normal procedure of downloading the CDs into iTunes on my iMac and transferring them to the Samsung T5. The CDs were jumbled together, e.g. CD1 is the 2022 remix, CD2 is the original mono mix, but they came out as one CD with each track doubled, a stereo and a mono version.
I figured the original naming of the CDs was not consistent so tonight I renamed the CDs in iTunes as “Revolver [Super Deluxe Disc 1 2022 Stereo Mix],” “Revolver [Super Deluxe Disc 2 Original Mono Mix,” etc. for all 5 discs. I erased the previously loaded Revolver versions from the Samsung T5 and copied the newly named versions from iTunes to the T5. Same thing happens but even stranger. The Nucleus recognizes only 3 discs, and calls them 1, 4, 5, though I believe all of the information from all 5 downloaded discs is in there. What it calls Disc 1 is a jumble of the actual discs 1, 2 and 5. Disc 4 is correct. What it calls Disc 5 was what I had labeled Disc 3. When I downloaded similar sets of other albums, e.g. “The Beatles” (white album), all discs were loaded and recognized separately.
Perhaps even more bizarre (or perhaps what partially explains the problem), when I go into Home on the Roon, for “Added” music it does not acknowledge that I added anything today! It shows the jumbled Revolver discs with a blank cover and says “added 7 days ago.” Perhaps the initial loading of the CDs is stuck in the Roon’s memory (or the Samsung T5’s memory) and it won’t recognize new designations of the albums? I did try to “Identify album” through the edit function, but it only recognized prior versions of the Revolver album. (I assume that’s because this release is so recent it hasn’t made it into Roon memory? Could that be the answer? It thinks this is some Revolver compilation from 2007?)

Deleting the files doesn’t removed the database entries. You have to clean the library. Try removed Ng the files again, clearing the library under settings library and then copy the files back.

Thank you for the suggestion. Before I try this, I assume this “cleaning” does not remove the other 11,691 tracks I want to keep?

There are different types of cleanup as you will see if you go to the screen and read the options. The process removes database entries for music which has been removed.

Curiouser and curiouser. (You’re probably too young to know where that comes from.)
I tried what you suggested, and it did clear the library of the single album. But the “album” where Roon combined 3 separate discs still showed up in the library. I went into the album itself and did a hard delete in edit mode, and went back to clean the library, but it showed that 0 files have been deleted. If I try to play the album, it won’t play and gives a message that it’s been deleted. Yet this “ghost” of the album won’t leave my library.

Reboot the server

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”

Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland :smiling_imp: Bunch of intellectual on this forum …

What is the definition of an intellectual - some one who can listen the overture to William Tell by Rossini and NOT think of the Lone Ranger

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Mike, you are old enough to know about Alice, but probably too young to recognize my more obscure reference to the phrase, which was repeated many times on the Avengers television show in the 1960’s with Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg.
Back to the matter at hand, tried rebooting the server, also the iPad, the ghost of Revolver still lives in my Roon. Tried a hard delete with edit function again, no go. Tried a backup, no go. How about “Clear image cache”? Would that delete all of my tracks? Any other ideas?
As an aside, all of a sudden my iPad doesn’t give me the choice of iPad as a playback option. Curiouser.

PS. When I go into Audio in Library settings it keeps saying “enabling” for the iPad.
I also want to thank you guys for responding so quickly and trying to help.

No I was an avid Avenger watcher , who could miss Diana Riggs Kinky costumes :smiling_imp: , I must confess I don’t remember that reference . I am 72 BTW. I think you’ll find the Roon Community does tend to be on the older side there is an age profile thread somewhere.

The disc allocation Revolver is unfortunately not specifically down to Roon or the Nucleus , its the third party metadata suppliers (Tivo or MusicBrainz) . They are often wrong but in this case probably a bit slow for a new release !

There are multiple releases in MusicBrainz, this is the 5 CD version, some are Digital Downloads ie without CD . This is becoming a bigger problem with the slow death of CD’s

Ironically the Tidal version has the discs correctly allocated.

Try this

Cut and Paste the album to another “non watched” drive , then go to Settings > Library >Library Maintenance. Click Clean Up Library. This will remove db entries for anything deleted , in this case Revolver

this is mine (its zero but yours should show 70 ish) then Click Clean Up Library

Before you return the album , make sure the CD Numbers are correct and the folders are simply CD1 … CD5 no extra text and that each CD has track numbers 1 …xx , some may be a continuous 1 to 70 for digital downloads (use an external editor like MP3Tag or Tagscanner) that will help.

Now cut and Paste the Revolver folder back where it came from, The most recent metadata will now apply , it should fix it . I often try Rescan album but that rarely works . This technique is time consuming but definitely forces a new lookup

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