Nucleus KAPUT following upgrade yesterday

My Nucleus, which is not even 3 months old, is unusable since the upgrade yesterday. It is no longer recognized by the iPad Ap (or the router!). And therefore not by my DAC. Not even if I literally delete and reinstall the Roon Ap.

I know it’s not the router, as this morning I connected a Surface Laptop to both the router and my McIntosh 7200 DAC and after downloading the Quobuz Ap to the Laptop, I can now play beautiful music, currently playing Beethoven at 96 kh.

This is even easier than trying to navigate Roon!

But the Nucleus no longer connects to the internet. Briefly in the midst of trying one thing and another - to connect with the Nucleus, the router admin info told me ROCK - but that was only for an instant.

Now, it’s possible the nucleus is dead. But it also appears that perhaps it now has the wrong software in it. Or something.

Slim Fishgut suggested I come here for info on reinstalling the Nucleus software. Can that be done? If so, can you direct me to where I need to go for that? And once that’s done, I presume I would need to go through the whole installation process again. I have no backup, but then once I discovered Quobuz, they basically have all the kinds of music I love. So, now… I even wonder if I’ve wasted a lot of money (at a time when I may need to support my son, age 50, during this virus outbreak). Can one get a Roon lifetime subscription refunded? I only did that back in mid-Feb.

If I will mainly be using Quobuz, what do I get with the Roon? It seems like a total waste of money!

I am 75. I can follow directions. But I hate to be feeling like Roon is overhyped and unnecessary. This is very discouraging. As each time Roon updates itself, it has caused me hours of fixing to try and get it to work afterward.

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