Nucleus keep turning itself off and on

I’ve got a new issue where my nucleus keeps turning itself off and on for no apparent reason. I will be in the middle of playing a song and then just lose connection to the core and when I go look at the nucleus it is entirely off. A couple of minutes later it just turns itself on. I’m guessing this is a hardware issue, I bought it pre-Covid so I’m guessing it’s not under warranty. Any ideas on how to rectify the problem?

It does sound like a hw issue of some sort.
Did you buy from a dealer?
I think if pre Covid then unfortunately it is likely out of warranty.

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Are you able to attach a monitor and see if anything is printed to the screen as it freezes and reboots?
It may help explain what needs attention.


I think instead of attaching it to a monitor I’ll just use a sledgehammer on it. Worst piece of consumer-electronics I ever purchased in my life. Constant disconnections, slow tech-support here, paid over $1000 for this piece of junk. I have cd players from the 80s that still work, this thing is a year and a half old. So disappointed in the nucleus, I’m beyond words. My Auralic Lightning DS software is awful by comparison to Roon but at least the hardware is reliable. So frustrated.

I can empathize with your frustrations and your Roon/ Nucleus experience.

However if you could hook up a monitor at some stage and report back ,what if anything it displays it may be helpful for further diagnosis.
Thank you.


I use a laptop…. It’s kind of ridiculous that we need to own a monitor to troubleshoot this product.

On the off chance that it’s the power supply, I ordered a replacement from the Roon store.

And also, thank you for the advice, it’s appreciated.

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You are welcome Jim.
Just a fellow user here like yourself and the vast majority of members here try to help wherever possible like @MamaTried who first suggested the monitor hookup.

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I’m grateful, but I also find it incredibly lame that Roon as a company does not have dedicated technical support that you can call or email, and that I often have to be an IT person for their software and hardware, or rely on other users, who also pay an annual fee, to figure out what’s wrong. It’s a nice resource to have but shouldn’t be a substitute for Roon supporting their own paying subscribers/purchasers of their hardware.

Hi @Jim_McDermott, we are so unbelievably sorry for the delay in getting back to you - this is something we do not take lightly, and greatly appreciate your patience. We would be more than happy to help you with this. If you’re ever in need of support directly from our team, we recommend contacting us by emailing - it will enter our ticketing system so that we can assist.

The Nucleus warranty is for 2 years, so it may still be under warranty. Additionally, were you able to test the new power supply? Did the issue stop when switching that out?

If not, would you be able to follow the suggestions from above, connecting the Nucleus via HDMI to a monitor or TV? Completing this will give us a better idea of what may be happening, as often, error messages can be present, which could point to a hardware issue.

I really appreciate your efforts! I look forward to your reply! :pray:t3:

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