Nucleus keeps losing 5.1 settings

I keep running into this issue where Roon loses the 5.1 option on my Nucleus. It only shows the device as only capable of 2.0. Once I disable and re-enable, the 5.1 setting option comes back.

Nucleus is connected to Denon AVR 3600H receiver via HDMI.

What’s going on?

Hi @Edward_Lee,

Can you please share a screenshot of the Device Setup tab when the Nucleus is in this state that shows the 2.0 channel limitation? Can you also please note the time + date the issue occurred at and let me know this info here?

I just had this problem again today on 6/27 at about 9:30am CST. I forgot to get a screenshot though. Unlike previous times, this time when I exited out of device setup it switched back to 5.1 on it’s own.

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Hi @Edward_Lee,

Thanks for letting me know the timestamp. I have activated diagnostics mode on your Nucleus and what this action does is automatically upload a log-set to our servers. I can confirm the log came in properly and I have requested feedback from QA, once I hear back I’ll follow up here, thanks!

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Hi @Edward_Lee,

We appreciate your patience while your case made its way through the queue.

Our senior QA team has reviewed the logs and they didn’t reveal much information, so our hardware team will attempt to reproduce your findings with the HDMI multi-channel gear we have in-house.

Once I have further information from the hardware team as to weather the reproduction test was successful, we will reach out once more.

Thanks again for your patience while we look into this report further!

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Thank you for the update @noris!

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Problem again today. Had to disable and re-enable to get 5.1 option again.

Been a while since I’ve come to complain @noris . Still having this issue. Happened again just about 10 minutes ago (about 1:45pm CST).

Hi @Edward_Lee ,

I don’t believe we’ve been able to reproduce this issue in the lab yet, but I will check in with the team regarding your case. Thanks for letting us know those timestamps, I can confirm that diagnostics from your Nucleus have been received by our servers, hopefully, they will help more this time around, thanks!

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Hello @Edward_Lee ,

Thanks for your patience here while I’ve had a chance to consult with the hardware team on this one. We have been able to reproduce similar behavior on our end with AVRs that have Passthrough Mode enabled.

Are you by any chance using Passthrough Mode on your AVR? This mode allows 2ch audio content to pass through even when the AVR is turned off, and it may be due to this mode that Roon is unable to detect multichannel support.

Let us know if this helps, thanks!

HDMI Pass Through was turned on in my Denon AVR X3600. I turned it off. Hopefully that does the trick. Thanks!