Nucleus keeps rebooting

Nucleus +

Nucleus keeps rebooting - noticed after firmware update. FYI, all connectors removed.

Hi @simply ,

Sorry to hear about the issues. How often does the Nucleus reboot, is it once in a while or much sooner? Do you notice music stops and Roon remotes disconnect when this happens?


is booted manually, (press power switch) the Nucleus+ (Rev. B) goes into a boot loop No HDD, Lan, HDMI cable connected. I have to disconnect the power cable, and with any luck, the Nucleus+ will eventually start (keep disconnecting the power cable - connecting it)

If the Nucleus boots correctly, there are no problems until you reboot (firmware or power off).

What can I do

Hey @simply,

Would you say it reboots every minute or so? Or longer? By the sounds of it, you may be dealing with a faulty BIOS in which case we’d need to send it in to get it repaired via an RMA.

Let me know :+1:

Hi, yes reboots every minute.

Do I have to contact ATR - Support Germany?

Hey @simply,

That would be a good next step, I would check with ATR in regard to warranty information. Let me know if they’re able to get things sorted :+1:

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