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Century Link ONT>Arris mesh router>Trend Unmanaged network switch >Nucleus+ (connected 8tb HD via USB)>Ethernet run to another unmanaged network switch >Linn SelectDSM all ethernet connected.
Starting yesterday Thursday
9/28 Nucleus+ started rebooting itself and finally after 2 of them played. Today 9/29 at approximately 3:10pm PDT, and again at 3:25pm rebooted again.
It has become constant now and takes about 15 minutes before it comes back
Any help will be appreciated as it’s now become too constant to use.
Again on Monday at 2:15pm PDT after a pause of about 20 minutes, and again at 2:29pm. Now it server software won’t stop rebooting, Unusable. After reboot became stable for now.
Thank you

Hi @Robert_Zinn,

Thank you for your report and for your patience. We’re investigating this thread with development, and have enabled some additional logging for your Nucleus. At your convenience, please reboot your Nucleus via the web administration page (restart RoonOS).

Your Nucleus logging will then provide our development team with a more granular view of performance. If your RoonServer machine crashes during this period, please restart so we can continue to gather logging.

We appreciate your ongoing patience.

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As per your request, I did a reboot of Nucleus+ on Tuesday Oct. 17 at 7:45am PDT. Please let me know your findings, and if there is anything else I can do to further assist.
Thank You

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