Nucleus LAN Extender requirement

Hello, I would like to get a Nucleus but the issue is I do not have my router / LAN socket close to my HiFi. It follows, the only way I have to implement a Nucleus in my HiFi set up is to buy a LAN extender device to use powerline to bring LAN close to the HiFi.

I see there are many devices from Belkin, Netgear etc. with different specs. Which are the recommended specs to get the best out of the Nucleus? I have 5G at home but I cannot predict how many Mbps I will have using a LAN extender since it depends on electricity.


Thank you!

You don’t need the Nucleus close to your hifi. Connect it to your router with a network cable, then setup a Raspberry Pi (3+ or 4) with Ropieee over WiFi, and connect it to your hifi via USB, or a HAT via S/PDIF.