Nucleus linear power supply

Can Roon say what voltage and minimum amperage is used with the Nuclei? Thx

It uses 19V / 65W

equals ~3.5 amps. Thanks Danny.

One also needs to add on additional power supply capability when adding an internal or usb powered disk drives and or powered usb DAC’s too

I think that current draw is a max with all USB ports and all going strong. I couldn’t get my NUC to draw more than that 65w, even with 4 2.5" spinning drives attached.

As I understand it the NUC7i7BNH power supply is rated at 65W and some online reviews of stress tests have seen it at running 58.5W running 3DMark Time Spy Demo so there is some headroom there as roon might not be pushing to that max. Spinning up hard drives is the big power hog but once spinning they tend to run quite minimal power requirements. DAC’s might vary quite a bit.

I bet I couldn’t come close because we don’t use the GPU

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Exactly. Maybe a few streams of DSD512 upsampling might push it a bit but still no GPU…:smiley:

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