Nucleus, LPS, and SQ

There are many claims of better sound using various LPS units to power the Nucleus. Also there can be found admonishment that this improvement is primarily present when using USB hookup to ones DAC and far less, or even non-existent, when hookup is via a network… I would appreciate hearing the feelings of those of you who have tried both.

Rather subjective, but I prefer to have cores and other high draw systems on lmps if I can. Likewise most all of my endpoints are on networked connections. As to sq that’s really something only you can determine, personally I can only say it’s not worse.

I think network topology plays a big part in this. I choose to have an internet feed into the switch feeding my NUC and streaming DAC. My files are held on the NUC. This largely partitions my network use from the rest of the household. In this configuration I observe that a superior PSU can make a difference over a bog standard NUC brick. But that difference can be made with a superior SMPS because they are not all equal.

My Nucleus (RevB) is powered by a Small Green Computer LPS and connected to a PS Audio DSJr DAC by Wireworld USB cable and to a NetGear GS108 switch via Wireworld Cat 8 cable. A 4TB G-Drive also is connected via USB. Standard disclaimers: YMMV; possible confirmation bias; to my ears’; etc.

When I installed the LPS I heard more detail and perceived a lower noise floor while streaming via USB; not so much over Ethernet. But the DSJr’s Bridge II decodes full MQA over Ethernet, which is useful for TIDAL, so I recently doubled down with a second Small Green Computer LPS for the NetGear switch. I now hear greater detail and blacker blacks while streaming over Ethernet, and believe that there is an additional small improvement over USB.

'Hope this helps.