Nucleus+ M.2 slot failure, boot on SSD

Roon Nucleus + RevB

the device cannot boot from the PCIe M.2 card (does not enter in boot mode or hours - if at all). After some investigation it appears that it’s not a problem with the M.2 card itself as initially suspected (new card flashed with ROCK not recognised either).

Temp solution: booted from USB flashed with ROCK into the internal SSD (data reside on NAS, internal storage was not used till now). This is nice but this is not the appropriate OS for the Nucleus+ case.

I would like to try to boot the (not available for download) Roon Nucleus OS

  • from the (functioning) SSD M.2 card
  • which I have placed within a M.2 → USB adaptor case so it can be seen as a USB boot device
  • into the SSD (which I have re-formatted).

When trying that I come to an EFI shell screen which is beyond my knowledge to navigate. Is there a list of shell commands that can allow me to boot into the SSD ?

Something like this…

cd EFI
cd linux [guessing here]
grub64.efi [guessing here, too]

Thanks looks simple I will try it!

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Hi there @DrPo,

I came across this in another case. Exact same screenshot and issue. Please try this for me with a monitor and keyboard connected:

The board boot settings are set to UEIF, and it will not work for Nucleus, you need to switch to Legacy boot. To get to this menu, you need to turn on the unit and press F2, then uncheck the UEIF and press F10–>Enter to save the settings.

Please let me know!



  • with UEFI “deselected” I cannot boot from even from my SATA SSD (see previous message)

  • with UEFI “selected”, M.2 card in advanced/devices/PCI “selected” I cannot boot from either SATA or M.2 card

  • with UEFI “selected”, M.2 card in advanced/devices/PCI “de-selected” and NVMe card (with ROCK OS) in the M.2 slot boot starts but I cannot get an IP

Given the above: can you update the Roon Nucleus OS on my SSD?

I am not writing as a Customer (which I am) but as associate of Melody Club, your distributor in Athens. The unit belongs to a customer

Thanks in advance

Hi @DrPo,

We have successfully flagged the unit for an update and completed it. Can you please check the functionality and let me know where things stand?


Hi Wes, yes. M.2 slot apparently faulty, switched now to booting from SATA SSD, this morning Roon support flashed the Nucleus OS on it a s working fine !

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So glad to hear that, @DrPo

I will mark this as resolved.

Enjoy the music, friend.


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