Nucleus mac address question

how o i find the mac address of my Nucleus so I can set up port forwarding?

Inside your router it show as an attached device. OR
at the terminal type in: ip a
it will be listed as link/ether

@Ronald_Gibson, I’ve moved this to #support:port-forwarding-help. If you resolve port forwarding, or have any trouble, please let us know here.

When in my ATT router and trying to set up port forwarding, an looking at the “device list” I am seeing multiple choices, but nothing that looks like the nucleus. There is an option to manually enter the MAC address, hence my need to find it. I do have the nucleus IP address. If i do a command prompt search for ARP, the nucleus (which is always on) is not shown.

Update, i forgot to launch Roon before looking for it, now I see the IP address in cmd


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