Nucleus mainboard burnt need help

My friend’s nucleus is working perfect for 3 ys and have problem, he is almost 70ys and not similar to computer and technology and not quite understand for Nucleus is almost the computer more than machine,

He open all 24/7 almost 3ys on Nucleus and have happiness with all music stream via Nucleus with good sound,
Some day Nucleus not open on, the back led is open but it not show up and cant connect to roon, He asking me to help and i have some computer knowledge, I cheking and found Motherboard is burning!
I reccomand to send to distributor and they recomend to buy new one or fix with half price of new machine.

he asking me to post for need help for
if he better buy newline machine, or fix? or buy new intel mainboard in same model to replace the burning one (i wander the new mainboard with same ssd that can boot?)

need suggestion?


The reason why that sort of passive components blow up is mostly due to an active component’s failing prior to them, and you don’t necessarily see its damage.

Unfortunately, nobody’s probably able to fix that board, since there are usually no schematics available for these Mainboards.

You can only install Rock on a replacement board, since there’s no nucleus software downloadable, so your friend better have Roon database backups to restore from!

Sorry to be the messenger of bad news…

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It is not worth trying to fix the machine. The only chance of keeping the machine going is to replace the main board with an identical model. Even then I don’t know if the Nucleus OS will continue to work. You may need settle for ROCK. The other side of the board will have the Intel part number on. That will be the board used in an equivalent 7th generation NUC. Get one second hand and pull the board out and put it in your Nucleus case. Obviously your biggest challenge may be finding one. After that will be price remembering that regardless of where it ends up you are buying a PC board second hand with potentially lots of hard hours behind it.
Regarding the Nucleus OS install, it may still be sensible to raise a case with Roon once you have the new machine ready to go. There may be no liability with regards to out of warranty hardware but I think you would be within your rights to request that the OS is restored if simply dropping the old M.2 card in didn’t work.

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See what roon’s @support folks can do to assist here

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Hello @Bhumechan ,

Since the board itself has physical damage, the entire board will need to be replaced. Since this looks like a RevA board, please note that this model is discontinued. Unfortunately, purchasing a new Nucleus from the distributor is the best option in this case, and the new Nucleus comes with a 2-year warranty.


Thanks to all krab i will tell my friend and go for the new nucleus.

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