Nucleus Memory Upgrade


Then it probably is using the ram. That’s useful to know. Enjoy the music :slight_smile:

How do you know when ROCK is running out of system resources? Both CPU and/or RAM?
I have nearly 6.5K albums, so 85K tracks on NUC5i3 with 8GB RAM - this could go to 16GB, but would it make a difference?

Good find!

Yes - excellent hunting!

I remembered coming across it when helping someone with a 300k library on nucleus. (Search Danny Nucleus Memory)

Good find, but still no way to verify after adding the RAM into Nucleus.

I don’t think it would go through POST if it wasn’t being used. Just guessing though!

So, now you have two memory slots, one with a 4gb stick and one with an 8gb stick?

Although there’s no hard and fast rule against mixing different size memory sticks, another 4gb stick would’ve been sufficient.

Unless you’re a gamer or want to run multiple VMs, 8gb is enough for most things, especially with the Linux fork that the Nucleus uses.

Why would you??

A symptom of needing RAM is a crash, nothing else. Roon OS does not have a swap file or do anything else memory based on the SSD. It’s all in RAM.

If you added RAM, you shouldn’t feel any changes other than “its not crashing anymore”.

If you weren’t crashing before, adding RAM will not cause your system to speed up (Nucleus doesn’t swap), and should have zero other impact other than growth potential. Roon doesn’t use more RAM just because it has access to it.


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Yes, significantly improved the sound of Roon after upgrade the memory from 8 to 16!


Something else must have changed because adding memory would have no effect on sound quality.


RAM upgrade (in type or capacity) will have no effect on sound quality. Only thing happening when the Nucleus run out of memory is that it crashes (restarts). Trust me on this one; I have experienced it. Also see comment from the Roon team regarding this.

We humans are a weird specie, and our mind plays tricks on us. We are affected by other senses than hearing, and we are biased regarding expectations.


If this was the case please try upgrading from 16 to 32GB. Yet another veil will be lifted…


You are hearing things that aren’t there. It isn’t possible for a RAM upgrade to improve the sound quality. Put down that bong!

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