Nucleus+ Music Storage Options


I hope this is the right place for this enquirer. If not, please feel to move it or ignore it. I don’t want to waste your time.

At present, my Roon core is in a MacMini and I use a Cocktail X45 to store and play my ripped cds. The Cocktail is one-stop shopping, with a cd slot that automatically rips cds and stores them on the internal 8tb hard drive. Or, I should say, it did these things.

After an “upgrade,” and I place quotation marks around the term advisedly, internal communications between Roon and the Cocktail are difficult. Newly ripped cds no longer can be found by Roon automatically, although they can be found if ripped to a usb stick which remains attached to the Cocktail. When the stick is removed, the fumes vanish. Despite several emails to Cocktail support, the problem persists.

This can’t go on much longer and my thoughts are turning to replacements. The most appealing solution, it seems to me, would be to replace the MacMini and the storage element if the Cocktail with a Nucleus+, and then find a streamer to play music from the storage. I have three questions, and if the above hasn’t disclosed this, let me confess that I only have a tenuous grasp on all this technology; my sole interest is in listening to music, and the simplest way of doing this is the most appealing option to me.


(1) Am I correct that the Nucleus+ will allow me to store music and the Roon Core?

(2) Does the Nucleus+ only allow for a 4tb internal hard drive? My current cd collection comes in right at 4tb, meaning that such a limitation would prevent expansion or I would have to find an additional NAS to store new music. If I have to do that, perhaps a NAS with a larger storage capacity would be a better option for me, leaving the Roon core on the MacMini? and

(3) If the Nucleus+ would accept an 8tb drive, could I transfer the one currently in the Cocktail (8tb WD Red HDD) into the Nucleus, thereby preserving the cds I’ve ripped without requiring me to go through the more than a year-long process of ripping them again?

Sorry if these are basic questions. As you can probably tell, I really need some help.

Ian Gallacher

A Nucleus runs RoonServer on RoonOS. A similar setup can be had by going with an Intel NUC and loading ROCK.

The extra drive bay dimensions are listed in the Nucleus specs. Any SATA drive which can fit the size spec can be used.

The Nucleus cannot have full sized internal drives, you would have to use an 8 th SSD, I think.

You can add an external USB drive, it does not have to be internal. I actually prefer to use external drives.

I would install an 8TB SSD in the Nucleus+ and call it a day. Use an external USB HDD for doing nightly and monthly automatic Roon backup’s.


Thanks for you suggestions. Very helpful.

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