Nucleus+ native DSD?

Does Nucleus+ run native DSD or does it always convert it to PCM first?

My current DAC is within my Classe CP-800 which only does PCM. The Nucleus+ recognizes this and appropriately converts my DSD files to PCM.

If I buy a DSD capable DAC, will the Nucleus+ leave the file DSD or will in convert it to PCM for “processing” then back to DSD?

Bottom line, Id just as soon buy PCM files and use a PCM DAC and leave the file PCM the whole way through rather than doing “DSD -> PCM -> Processing -> DSD”. (to be clear, I am not saying this is the path…I’m asking if it is the path!)

It doesn’t matter what Core you are using. All of them will adapt to the environent so to speak. However, if you are planning on applying DSP this will take place in the PCM-domain. If you are planning on just playing back DSD files they will not be transcoded into the PCM domain. If you prefer DSD upsampling this can also be performed without transcoding, by selecting the ”Native DSD processing” option in DSP settings.

Thanks for your reply.

Just to be clear, if I implement DSP, the DSD files will always be transcoded to PCM?

If you are applying convolution (room correction or speaker crossovers) because to do this at DSD would be too expensive in CPU terms. If you upsample or do transcoding that can be pure DSD.

Thanks again. Trying to decide between buying DSD and PCM files. This helps.