Nucleus Newbie - internal installed SSD prepping?

As of today:
Nucleus ordered !!!
Roon membership bumped to Lifetime !!!
Qubuz membership !!!
(Yes, I’m happy)

Question: I haven’t found to much on --transferring-- media to Nucleus internal drive other than --watch-- directories somewhere else. Is there a way to pre-load the SSD card and never have an origin and “watched” directory?

Q2: I believe the SSD must be FAT32 is that correct?

Hi John_Haake,
Glad to hear you are getting into Roon!
Just to be clear, there are potentially two storage sites in the Nucleus. One of them is a SSD M2 drive of about 256 GB that is dedicated solely to the ROCK operating system and the database. Music can’t be stored on that drive. That comes installed as it’s required.
Optionally a SATA drive can be installed in addition to the M2 drive. If you have ordered an internal SSD drive for music it will be formatted when the Nucleus is set up. There are also instructions on how to move music to this internal storage device. Once that drive is loaded with music it becomes the ‘watched’ folder by default.
I mention the distinction between the two drives as you said “SSD card” and that would normally refer to the M2 drive. Did you also get additional internal storage?

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Thank you for pointing out the error of my assumption that there could only be one internal SSD.

And as far as my question, your answer was most helpful – and has inspired me to actually read the basic KnowledgeBase documents. :wink: (sorry)

Yes, I have a 2TB 2.5" SATA SSD ready to go upon delivery of the Nucleus. Guess I won’t be needing that USB-to-SSD connector cable anymore for the setup.

Thanks for the answer.

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