Nucleus no longer available in shared location [resolved - needed permissions]

I have a Nucleus with internal SSD storage.

Although I can access my library via this computer (mac mini) and my phone or tablet, I cannot access the Nucleus via the shared location.

I have a few CD’s I would like to rip to my stored location (Nucleus SSD), but cannot select this location via my XLD ripping software.

I’ve rebooted everything. I’ve change data cables. I’ve taken the Nucleus connection from my switch and gone straight into my router along with my mac mini. None of these has made the directory appear.

The MusicNas in the attached picture was my old location for files. The Nucleus usually appears next to this…

Any advice much appreciated.

Have you tried to reconnect the nucleus in macOS?

Thanks Bernd.

Your link kinda helped. The options weren’t present though in my finder window. But I did find resent items under the Apple icon top left. For some reason I needed to allow some permissions!

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