Nucleus No Longer Booting Up After Power Loss

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Rev. B
Remote: Mac OS Monterey

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Description of Issue

I lost power. The Nucleus is plugged into a protection unit. Now, I can’t get the Nucleus to power on.

I have a green and orange light flashing at the ethernet connection but nothing more. Those stop when I unplug the unit and restart once plugged back in.

I have tried holding the power button for a few seconds but nothing happens.

What else should I try?

Can you connect it via HDMI to a monitor of some kind and see if there is anything displayed when you restart the Nucleus?

The problem is, it won’t fire up so no messages are being given.
Is the power supply usually warm while it is plugged in? Mine is ice cold so I’m wondering if it got fried.

Hi @phil_fischer,

This tells me the unit is getting power of some kind. Did you happen to connect the Nucleus to a monitor or TV via HDMI to see if anything is displayed? It’s possible it’s in an error status and the on-screen verbiage could tell us something.

Also, are you able to access the Web UI for Nucleus by navigating to the IP address in a web browser? The IP address can be found in Settings>General.


Hi Wes,
I plugged it into a tv via hdmi and accessed the web ui . I don’t know why or what changed but it is working now!
Thanks for the help.

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When the universe hands you a win you have to take it and run! I’m so glad it’s working now. Thank you for being a loyal Roon user.

Enjoy the music,