Nucleus no longer recognised on my network!

@noris Now this comes as a surprise… was listening to some music using Roon and suddenly Roon app disconnected.
It seems Nucleus device is no longer part of my network, just don’t see it in my list of wired devices.
I restarted my router and modem, same issue, all my devices are connected and working properly but Nucleus is no longer there.
I turned off Nucleus from the main, waited then turned it back on. The green and yellow lights are currently present, I even changed the ethernet cable to a different port on my router and used a different Ethernet cable too… still same issue.
I am worried.
I can’t access the web UI too whether on iPad or iPhone.
Would someone from support please help me out on this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot — Apologies for the trouble here! Can you connect the Nucleus to a TV or monitor via HDMI and send us a picture of the output?


Thanks Dylan, I am not able to do this right now, can we try something else and what could be the issue in your experience? Thanks

Ok it’s late here in Singapore, I’ll read your response tomorrow, in the meantime I don’t like what I am seeing… corrupted data, virus?

@Luis_Viana just FYI :slight_smile:

Thanks for the screenshot, @Benjamin_Pitot.

Our team is currently investigating this issue and we are hoping that you can provide some additional details:

  • What is the model of the Nucleus (found on the bottom panel)
  • What kind of storage are you using? Any local drives connected? Internal storage? Any other USB devices attached?

Standard version.
No external devices attached.

Hi @Benjamin_Pitot,

We have a solution available for this. You’ll need a USB drive, a USB keyboard, and a monitor or TV to connect the Nucleus to. Please see the post below for more details: