Nucleus not able to send native DSD to Oppo 205

I recently bought the Nucleus (not +) and and I’m using it with my Oppo 205. Nucleus is Core. Music files on a 2 TB external HD connected to one of the Nucleus USB ports. Oppo’s USB DAC connected to the other Nucleus USB port.
The Nucleus recognizes the Oppo 205 and chooses ‘native’ as the default DSD setting, but all I get is static with this setting. If I set the Nucleus to the DSD DoP setting it works fine.
Am I missing a setting? Or an update?
Oppo is on the latest software and driver. I updated the Nucleus during initial setup.‘V 1.0 (build 159) stable.’ Is this the latest firmware? Is there an ALSA driver update I need?
Or is this normal?

Don’t know if this will help

Hey @Thomas_Giloy,

Can you try changing the “DSD Playback Strategy” from “Native” to “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)” and let me know if there are any changes?


As I stated in my original post, the DoP- “DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP)”-setting works fine. No static. Sounds very good. I am happy to use this setting, but would rather send DSD in ‘native’ if possible to reduce processing.
Is this possible?
I only have a dozen DSD albums, so this is not a huge deal. But if it should be working I’d like to know how to set it up correctly.

Hi @Thomas_Giloy,

Oppo’s USB-0118 firmware update affected the Oppo’s USB Linux capabilities. Oppo is aware of the issue and are investigating.

If you’re using DSP you may want to try disabling it temporarily and see if there is any improvement here.

Confermo, OPPO è consapevole del problema ho scritto anche io a a OPPO e mi hanno risposto così
Did this happen after updating the USB DAC Firmware? If so, for the time being you can reload the USB-0112 firmware to correct this problem until we have a fix for this issue. Ma in questa maniera perdo il supporto MQA dall’ingresso usb. Peccato spero proprio che sistemino tutto con il prossimo aggiornamento perché andare in DOP non è proprio uguale al nativo, io poco, ma differenze ne trovo

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