Nucleus not accessing entire iTunes library

Hi Greg, It looks like it’s working now, does this mean when I add something new to iTunes or my Hi-Rez folder, Nucleus will also pick it up?
Thanks Neil.
P.S. Any Idea on the other problem?

Hi Neil,

I’m confused as to where (when) you took the 140,000 Track second screenshot. I understand the first one was with the Nucleus and showed your Tidal tracks only, since the iTunes Storage hadn’t been added yet.

Was the 140,000 tracks from your previous Core?

Do you still have the old Core available and are deauthorizing and authorizing between the two?

Could you post a screenshot of what the Nucleus looks like now that you have the iTunes tracks added?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Neil,

Sorry, I didn’t answer your other question. Yes, if you add music to iTunes or Hi-Rez folders, they will be added to Roon automatically.

Cheers, Greg

Hello @Neil_Perryman,

Just wanted to check in with you to see if you were having any more issues with Roon or the issue is resolved and we can mark this thread as closed, please let me know.

@Greg, really appreciate you jumping in here and helping Neil out with his questions, thank you for the help!


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