Nucleus not coming up after reset

Hi -

The nucleus is plugged into a Cyberpower 1350 VA battery backup/surge protector for power. It is remote from the rest of my AV system and in the basement away from where anybody would bother it.

The ethernet cable runs from the Nucleus to the TP Link TL SG116 switch, this is just a simple unpowered, unmanaged switch. The Switch is then connected by ethernet cable to the Nest Pro WiFi mesh router, which is connected to the ATT Fiber gateway, also by ethernet.

Both the nest pro and the ATT gateway are also plugged in to the Cyberpower for surge and battery backup. Note - I added the Cyberpower for surge AND battery after the first failure as an extra precaution, previously there was just an inexpensive surge protector

I verified that the HDMI cable works by outputting my laptop to the external monitor, no issues when connecting the monitor to my laptop.

I had moved the unit upstairs and plugged into a different power outlet, hdmi, and monitor, and no signal detected from the nucleus.

I just moved the nucleus back to the usual environment described above and currently getting no signal to the monitor from either HDMI output on the Nucleus and tried two different HDMI cables - both cables do carry a signal from my laptop the monitor no problem.

Let me know if anything I can or should try.