Nucleus not connecting after Melco software update (3.92)

Nucleas, Melco on a network with Meridan 218, PC (W7) and Linux . The PC and the Nucleus front-end no longer see the music stored locally on the roon Nucleus (Tidal still works). From the PC Browser I get ‘Disconnected Network Drive’. From Roon front-end (v1.7 build 667) I get ‘This drive is not available’. The Linux machine however sees the drive and all the data (including music) on it. Why do I let it do updates? Playing with the tiny display on the Melco, I can see the music titles. Nucleus front-end on laptop (W10) also has no access to the locally stored music but the laptop can connect to the drive in the normal way. All devices say software is up-to-date

SOLVED Deleted and set up new network shares to the roon nucleus on the machines hosting the front end. Updating the Melco OS was the guilty party.

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