Nucleus+ not finding added files

Core: Nucleus+ with internal 1TB SSD (migrated from Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460)
Network: ethernet, Nucleus+ connected to Netgear GS108 switch
Audio devices: Lenovo ThinkPad, 2 x Sonos Connect, 2 x Sonos Play 3, Sonos Play 5, Bryston BDP3
Here is screenshot of storage page :

Copied music files from external hard drive connected to Lenovo to Nucleus+; Roon sees them fine and can play them. Recently added a subdirectory to Nucleus+ internal SSD & copied new music files there from thumb drive connected to Lenovo. Roon & Nucleus+ can not find them. They don’t appear on skipped files in Library.

I did not delete original Roon Core Software from Leovo ThinkPad, and use it now as a remote control

Can you advise why the added music files don’t appear in my list of albums?

I just noticed that on the Choose Music Storage Folder screen, the selected folder is the folder used for my scheduled back-ups, not the internal storage folder where the music is stored. Here is a screen shot:

Should the ‘Choose Music Storage Folder’ be set to the internal storage folder on the Nucleus+. If so, how to I make this change? I’m not a computer technician. Can I use ‘New Folder’ under '+Add Folder" option on the Settings | Storage page and type in the web address of the SSD internal to the Nucleus+?

As far as I can see, you’ve done this correctly. You don’t want to add another Music Storage Folder for the internal drive, because that will just duplicate what you’ve already got set up.

A couple of things to try to get Roon to find the music in the subdirectory.

  1. Reboot the Nucleus
  2. Click the 3 dots icon next to the Nucleus+ Internal Storage and then select Force Rescan.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi @Lyndon_Scott,

Your Nucleus InternalStorage directory is automatically added to Roon as a watched location, you don’t need to add this directory manually nor any of the sub-folders on InternalStorage.

I would try rebooting and performing a rescan as @Greg mentioned, if the behavior is still the same afterwards, can you please check to make sure your files are actually listed in the InternalStorage path? You can connect to the Nucleus storage folder by using the instructions listed in this article.

Hi Greg, Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, a Nucleus reboot and a ‘Force Rescan’ did not resolve the issue. I still cannot see the added files in Roon. Do I need to have the backup folder (which is on an external hard drive connected to my laptop) included on the ‘Choose Music Storage Folder’?
Thanks, Lyndon

Hi Noris,

Thank you for your reply. I checked the Nucleus storage folder according to the article. Here is a screen shot of the internal storage.

Folders ‘iTunes/’ and ‘Roon/’ are where the music Roon can see are. The folder ‘Christmas/’ is where I added the new music yesterday that Roon still cannot see, even after the reboot and forced rescan. I also tried moving the new files I added yesterday to ‘Roon/’ rather than ‘Christmas/’, and they still could not be seen by Roon, so I moved them back to ‘Christmas/’. The good thing is, the folders ‘Christmas/’ and ‘Ripped CDs/’ are the two new folders I added yesterday, so the internal storage seems to be finding the new folders, just not the music files recently added.

Your continued assistance in resolving this issue is most appreciated.

Thanks, Lyndon

Hi Noris,
I did a further check and looked at the folder on the Nucleus internal SSD which is supposed to contain the ripped CD that I copied there yesterday. Attached is a screen shot of the internal storage. The ripped CD files are in the folder that I intended, but this is the CD that does not show up in Roon

The file path is too long to show in the 'Index of\…., but the music files are in the folder I intended them to be in.

So if the Nucleus directory can see the files, why don’t they show up in Roon? Is the file path too long?



Hi Noris and Greg,

Good news! I found the problem. The CD that I added could in fact be seen by Roon, but Roon completely misidentified it; incorrect album art, title and artists. That is why I could not see the album I was looking for. By editing the album in Roon, and running the Album option ‘Identify Album’ I was able to correctly identify the album. I will work on tweaking my import settings to ensure any new albums are correctly identified. I discovered the issue when I was carefully reviewing my albums, and noticed an album with the blue ‘New’ logo on it, but it was an album I did not recognize as adding.

Only one remaining question: Should the external hard drive connected to my laptop used for backups (scheduled backups of Roon database) be included in the list of folders in the ‘Choose Music Storage Folder’ settings?

Thanks for all your assistance with this, I now have a much better understanding of how the internal SSD in the Nucleus+ functions.

Regards, Lyndon

Hi @Lyndon_Scott,

Glad to hear you were able to locate the source of the issue as being the media itself!

I take it that the IP is the address of your laptop and the NucleusBKP folder is the backup folder you wish to use? You shouldn’t set Roon to watch the backup location as a storage location, but it’ll appear in the side-bar since you previously added it as a network location.

Having the backup running on your harddrive via the laptop is an option, but the backup would be dependent on the laptop being awake and accessible at the time that the backup runs, if the laptop is off then the backups won’t properly run.

You could also get a USB drive/HDD and attach this directly to the Nucleus’ USB port and then it wouldn’t be dependent on the Laptop being awake and online to run the backup properly.

Hi Noris,
I’m not entirely sure that IP address is the laptop or the HDD attached to the laptop ( my IT network guys sort this out for me) but, I do keep the laptop on at the scheduled back up times. However, I could plug a USB thumb drive in the back of the Nucleus to store the backups on. That would be a good solution. I will remove the from the watched folders for music storage.

Thanks again for your assistance, without it, I never would have tracked down the issue; and now I know my set up is working fine, I just have to monitor all new CDs coming in for correct identification.

Regards, Lyndon

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Hi @Lyndon_Scott,

No worries, happy to help! If you have any further issues do let us know and we can take a look, happy holidays and hope you have a continued enjoyable Roon experience :headphones: !

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