Nucleus not finding all Zones


I am having trouble with my new Nucleus recognizing all of my zones. It sees my microRendu and from my office, the system DAC, but it cannot find the 4 Chromecast Units. Also, perhaps related, when I try to use Roon from my Iphone, it sees only the MicroRendu. Most files are .wav 44100/16 ripped from CD. There are about 13,000 tracks. Any ideas?

All network gear firmware has just been updated, including Nucleus:

2Ch Listening Room (wired): Ubiquiti Router (Security Gateway 4P)> Ubiquiti Switch (24 POW-250W) > Roon Nucleus; Synology NAS > TP-Link MC-200CM Fiber-Ethernet Converter > Microrendu > Schiit Yggdrasil , etc.

2Ch Office (wired): Ubiquiti Router (Security Gateway 4P) > Ubiquiti Switch (24 POW-250W); Roon Nucleus; Synology NAS >; Office PC: Roon 1.5 (354), 64 bit; Schiit Bifrost, etc.

Whole House System (WIFI): ): Ubiquiti Router (Security Gateway 4P) >; Ubiquiti Switch (24 POW-250W) >; Roon Nucleus; Synology NAS >; Unifi WAPs >; 4 Chromecast units, etc.

Hello @peter_derousse,

Are you by any chance making use of multiple VLANs or AP Isolation turned on for your setup here? Roon requires all your devices to be on the same VLAN as to properly route multicast traffic and for our device discovery protocols. I would also make sure that all your devices are on the same subnet range and if you have the option for “flow control” on your Unifi devices, sometimes turning this option on has resolved issues (Loss of the remote connection to the Roon server). Please let me know if this helps.


I think turning of IGMP Snoop has been mentioned too as something to check.

I run a large-ish Unify network and have no issues at all - I dont use VLAN.

Thanks for the suggestions. I seem to be making progress taking the Chromecast units off of the vlan; however, I recall originally needing to isolate them so that they would play nice with roon, and they did work for a few months on a vlan. Nevertheless, the combination Chromecast + Roon seems about as stable as I am an expert network engineer. I’m not convinced this is the ‘fix’, so I’ll update. No use of IGMP Snoop.

I have 3 CC ultra’s on my no VLAN network and many RPi units too plus a few Airplay devices and all work seamlessly.

Hello @peter_derousse,

Glad to hear that things are up and running again after removing the Chromecast units off the VLAN.
For Roon to operate properly all of your devices must be on the same VLAN, you can also take a look at our Networking Best Practices Guide which provides a few other helpful suggestions. Please do let me know if the system still seems stable after trying it out on the same VLAN for a few days.