Nucleus+ "not found" after Nov. 11, 2022 update

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus+

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Verizon G3100 Router
NetGear NightHawk S8000 Switch

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Description of Issue

The Nucleus+ I purchased from the Roon Store in Feb. 2022 failed to reboot after selecting “Update All” on Nov. 11, 2022 from the Roon App on my iPhone. The power light on the back of the unit is on. Any device I try (iPhone, iPad, MacMini, Windows 11 PC) cannot find the Roon core. I tried powering off and on and unplugging the unit. When the Nucleus is connected directly to a monitor via hdmi nothing displays, meaning a black screen. My network shows the Nucleus+ as offline. All cables have been verified as good.

Is there any way to correct this issue or will I need to return the unit to the RoonStore?


No video output at all is not good. You mean it went dark right after the update?

There is a similar thread with a possible solution for you.

Thanks for your reply.

I cannot say for certain it was the update. I don’t normally have a monitor connected directly to the Nucleus+. When it didn’t come online after the update, as part of my troubleshooting I connected the monitor. It’s probably a hardware issue within the Nucleus+.

Thanks for your reply.

That thread is about the same type thing. That was a hardware issue, I’m guessing that’s what I have. I’m waiting for some input for Roon.

Sorry to hear. But at least until fixed you could fire up a temporary Core on any avail computer, restore the database from backup and enjoy some music.

I would guess you will get a reply from Roon come Monday.

Thank you for your replies. In tinkering with my network the Nucleus+ connected at some point. Unfortunately I have no idea what caused the lost connection or reconnection. At any rate it’s working now. It’s frustrating when an issue cannot be identified, c’est la vie.


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