Nucleus+ not passing output signal details to MA12000 pre-amp (ref#E5EX10)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus+ Rev B

Description of Issue

The Nucleus doesn’t always pass the output signal details to the MA12000 pre-amp. It will for a while and just stops even though playing the music. I am connected via USB. Also, it increasingly won’t play songs all the way through or will skip forward as though there is a latency issue. I have roughly 500MBs+ going to the nucleus. This wasn’t an issue for the first month of use. Also, when doing the setup as well, it didn’t have a selection for the MA12000, just 2 other McIntosh devices, even though the MA12000 is Roon Tested. Thanks for your help on this.

RAM & Internal Storage

2TB Storage, not sure on RAM, but the nucleus was purchased recently directly from you.

Connected Audio Devices

USB (Anti-cables) to the McIntosh MA12000 Integrated Amp.

Home Network Details

We have a direct FIOS ONT connection at 800Mbps down and 900Mbps Up. The network devices are Orbi Pro

I was able to troubleshoot the latency issue, as much as I didn’t think that was outside of the nucleus, it appears that it was.

However, it is still an issue receiving the track data to the pre-amp to display as it was. Other devices are sending information to the pre-amp (eg BlueSound Node X). Any ideas on what to do here for the Roon Nucleus+?

Hey @Luke_S,

Thanks for writing in and for your patience here! Our team was able to take a closer look into a fresh diagnostic report and see some interesting traces.

From these traces, it looks like Qobuz is getting hit with network connectivity issues, but because it’s pre-buffered, it’s able to continue playing the audio stream while data catches up. However, the MA12000 isn’t receiving all the data in time and therefore sends a teardown request to RAAT.

Out of curiosity, does this issue happen when playing local tracks? Or, does it only occur when playing content from Qobuz?

If you use a different USB cable, does the issue occur? If you can please share a more specific date, UTC time, and name of the track playing when this issue occurs, we can take a closer look. :+1:

Thanks Luke!

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